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Matic Horns News

A Summer of Matic Horns releases:


Matic Horns 'North Star Horns' for Rootikal Selection


The latest in a string of killer overdubs for Rootikal Selection 45s has just been recorded and is slated for an Autumn release. The original track, which was produced by Jah Thomas, laid by the Roots Radics, and mixed at Tubby's, didn't ever see the light of day, and while good in it's own right, the Matic Horns piece takes it to another level. Hold tight!



Matic Horns 'Nightfall' on new Ackboo 12"


France's Ackboo has produced Matic Horns new 'Nightfall' track and version. These will be released as a 12" single on Hammerbass Records on 2nd August, which will also feature 'Turn Up The Amplifier' by M8cky Banton – the first track from his debut album of the same title.



Matic Horns 'Survivors' released on Iron Dubz


Matic Horns has laid down the horns on a tough new digikal steppa riddim on the French Iron Dubz label. Co-written by Romain d.b. and Matic Horns, this is the first collaboration in an on-going relationship and will soon receive a vinyl release. The EP will also carry 'They Don't Care' by Sis I-Leen on the other side. Stay tuned for more.



Breaking news - New Matic Horns release on Sip A Cup


Gussie P will soon be releasing Matic Horns 'Musical Bosun' on a Sip A Cup 10".



New 'Spanish Town Rock' album profuced by Mafia & Fluxy


Coming soon - a freshly recorded album, produced by Mafia & Fluxy, is close to completion. The album's title track is neat re-lick of the immortal Earl Zero / Johnny Clarke 'None Shall Escape The Judgement' riddim, which takes it into a whole new area. 'Spanish Town Rock' also features 'Brunswick Avenue', which is on Mafia & Fluxy's latest 'Paradise' riddim, and will be part of huge singles package. Some of the other artists riding the 'Paradise' riddim for Mafia & Fluxy are Capelton, Sizzla, Adele Harley, Richie David and Glamma Kid. Check Brunswick Avenue here:



Latest Matic Horns cut for Rootikal Selection


Following last year's deadly trombone overdub on the version of Johnny Osbourne's 'Let Him Go' (entitled 'Let Him Blow'), Matic Horns comes through again, this time on an edit of the version of Junior Keating's 'African Queen'. Scheduled for release in May 2013, the track is part of the 'Rootikal Selection' series, which sees the long-running London roots night picking and re-working tracks from the Jah Thomas catalgue for the Roots label. Watch this space - there are more to come.



New album with Belgium's Panache Culture


An album co-produced by Matic Horns and Liège's Panache Culture is currently in production and scheduled for release later this year.



Matic Horns live project with the Liège Philharmonic Orchestra


In the pipeline - a project with the world-acclaimed Liège Philharmonic Orchestra, which will transpose Mozart compositions to reggae – with a few Matic Horns numbers thrown in for good measure!



Matic Horns currently recording new album with Huey Izachaar


Matic Horns is currently recording a roots-based album with London's Huey Izachaar for his Ark project. The album features the fierce combination of Matic Horns and Ital Horns (Zion Train's horn section).